Renewing Your Membership

I was recently asked what are the NYS Senators doing and why should I renew my membership?

The NYS JCI Senators are an elite group of people who know how to extend a helping hand to those in need and razz old friends while reminicing about good times gone by. – If you’re reading this you probably are a Senator or a Jaycee aspiring to be a Senator.

What are we doing? We have 3 official State meetings where all Senators are invited to partake in Food, Beverages and Fellowship. We have a short but effective board meeting to discuss issues facing the Senate, the Jaycees and our communities. We assist the Jaycees at these meetings as Mentors, Judges, and provide friendship and sometimes financial assistance for their endevors.

Our expenses have greatly increased, Hospitality suites that were once free, cost us several hundred dollars for these meetings, the Jaycees have decreased in size so our attendance at these meetings is greatly appreciated by the State Jaycees. Traveling expenses are higher and even postage has gone up. We need your financial support and more importantly we want you to come out and join us for some fun and food.

Join us in Auburn, NY in October, there are so many of you I’ve never met and I want to hear your stories and opinions.

Why should you support the NYS JCI Senate? There are so many reasons, most of all because Jaycees help others and your support helps us preserve the organization.

Thank You for visiting – Contact me anytime.

David Stern
Senator #68349
46th NYS JCI President Elect


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