State Officers

20130724-095644.jpgMichele Kara Loveria Wallen
Senator #71744

2013-2014 NYS JCI Senate President




David Stern

David Stern
Senator # 68349
2011-2012 46th NYS JCI President 2013-2014 COB
2011-2014 NYS JCI Webmaster


Robert Cairns
 Senator #59815 JCI Region Central Vice President


Scott Kingsley
Senator #
2013-2014 NYS JCI Region East Vice President

Senator #
2011-2012 NYS JCI Region South Vice President

Darryl Jones
Senator #26113
2011-2012 NYS JCI Treasurer

William Bates
Senator #
2011-2012 NYS JCI Chaplin and Return the Favor Program Director

Roxanne Astry
Senator #57298
2011-2012 NYS JCI Newsletter Editor

Ron Napierkowski
Senator #32469
Assistance to Membership (ATM) Program Manager ____________________________________________________________

Committee Chairs and Members

Bylaws and Constitution Chairman:
Dennis “Kramit” Kramer Senator #

Bob Cairns
Andrea Ciravalo
Angie Collins
Barry Kaufman
John Tyo


Hospitality and Keeper of the Bar
John Tyo


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