Grants The New York State Jaycee Foundation welcomes grant requests that fit our list of
purposes, from all organizations. We welcome your questions and comments. Please feel
free to contact us.
Grant Criteria Purposes that proposal must fall under to be considered (meet one or more of these):

  1. To promote greater understanding, knowledge and friendship between the people
    of this country, and those of foreign lands by voluntarily providing assistance to
    needy foreign students attending universities, colleges and schools in the United
    States and to carry on other activities to further international understanding and
  2. To promote the prevention of “drop-outs” among the public high school students in
    the State of New York by securing and disseminating information on career
    guidance, scholarships and other educational opportunities.
  3. To promote competition and physical fitness among the youth of the United States
    and to voluntarily aid such other organizations as are engaged in similar activities.
  4. To give voluntary assistance to medical organizations in the conduct of medical
    research, and in the prevention of and cure of mental and physical diseases.
  5. To voluntarily aid minority and underprivileged groups by providing assistance and
    advice to said groups and to work with other organizations engaged in similar
  6. To promote health, safety and welfare among the people of the State of New York,
    especially in the areas of air pollution, traffic safety, and water pollution, subject to
    such limitations as are provided by law.
  7. To promote better government among the citizens of New York State by stressing
    the necessity of voting, voter registration and participation in Government affairs at
    the local, State and National level.

Grant Guidelines

  1. Grant request form and substantiating materials must be postmarked by the
    following deadlines: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1.
  2. Briefly describe your group/organization and its purpose.
  3. Describe the project for which you are seeking funding. Include a description of
    need and how it was determined; program directives, required staff, budget, and
    other resources needed.
  4. What other sources of funding does this request have to date?
  5. How do you expect to raise the remaining funds required (if you do not receive the
    entire amount requested herein)?
  6. Outline briefly how you will evaluate this request for the foundation at the end of the
    project – submit report at end of project.
  7. What other organizations and professionals (if any) have you consulted?
  8. How does this project relate to existing programs?

Grant Procedures

  1. Once received, the proposal is checked to make sure it fits within the criteria for
    acceptable purposes.
  2. If proposal falls within guidelines, it is then checked for completeness of the
    information required.
  3. If both of these conditions are met, the proposal is placed on the agenda for the
    next board meeting.
  4. If you plan on sending a representative to explain your request further, then we
    need to know this by the submission deadline.
  5. The Board will then review the request and vote on the amount to grant or decline
    request. You can expect to receive a follow-up letter either indicating acceptance
    and amount granted and a separate letter with the check attached. If declined, you
    can expect a letter describing the reason why your request was declined.

You may contact us if you have questions about submitting a grant request.
Please mail two (2) copies of the request, one (1) to each address below:

The New York State Jaycees Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 341 Canastota, NY 13032


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