Texas Visit

This was my 1st trip to Texas and while I didn’t get to site see as much as I would have liked I did get a great tour of Dallas Cowboys Stadium including catching a touchdown pass in the end zone.  Being able to go down on the field and know tomorrow’s Monday Night football game between the Cowboys and Redskins, (is that politically correct) will be played where I was standing Friday.  I kind of relived my High School Days of playing on the football team, and by that, I mean, sitting on the bench a lot.  It makes me think, damn these guys are lucky to make so much money to play a sport, and maybe, if I just applied myself a little more, and had 100X more talent I could be…. Yeah right, however, as a Jaycee or a JCI Senator if you apply yourself you can do great things.  You won’t make millions, you won’t get cheering fans, but you will make a difference in people’s lives and experience opportunities others just wished the had.  I think those are more important. 
The Jaycees and the Senate has provided me and I guess you opportunities to learn new skills, meet a diverse group of people and travel to places around the country and the world, oh, and meet friends instantly because they’re Jaycees too.  


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