Contact Us

Bob Cairns
NYS JCI Senate President
Cell 607-746-6594

We are looking for lost Senators and Senators who want more involvement with the NYS JCI Senate.

It’s never too late to start participating again, or just stop by a meeting and enjoy some fellowship.

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. sidiki soumahoro says:

    I am senator number 62440 from Ivory Coast.
    I live in New Jersey and I want join the New York Senat
    tahnks you.

  2. Robert B. Ryan says:

    Dear Senator David, I guess I have REALLY been out of touch – I didn’t even make the “lost senators” list. I am Bob Ryan (Robert B. Ryan), JCI Senator 13529 from the Grand Island chapter. I do I join and how much? Mail is 8707 Mill Creek Lane, Bayonet Point, FL 34667 and email is

  3. Jamie Curran says:

    Dave, would you please move me to the Life Member list. I paid my life member dues in Fall 2010. Thanks!

  4. Lloyd Lingle #59827; past Region II NVP 2010-2011 says:

    I am looking for an email address for NY Senator Jim Hramaty #31809. I am Lloyd Lingle, PA JCI Senate “IMAGE” co-editor, wanted to send him our latest copy with information on the “Stan Malkinski #29167 Memorial Award”. email me at, thanks for the help.

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