Dallas Fort Worth

National Meeting in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

You’ll notice that my articles will often be targeted more about my experiences as a new Member of the Senate and at Jaycees. The reason for this is that JCI Senators are Jaycees, and we need to aid the Jaycees when requested to keep them solvent to keep the JCI Senate a alive.

My second National meeting with the US JCI Senate was fantastic. I think I may even be getting over my shyness and reserved demeanor. Ok, anyone who has met me for even a brief time knows this is a bit of a fib. My typical outgoing nature is typically pretty apparent from the moment you meet me, but, my 1st meeting in Lisle, IL, I was a bit out of my element after so many years of being the elder Jaycee, I’ve become the younger newer member. Like the Jaycees, the JCI Senate is happy to greet you, talk to you and offer you adult beverages. There is a different wisdom they possess and while some Jaycees are intimidated, the Senate has the best intentions on passing on their wisdom, their past experiences and their adventurous stories. In fact I think I’m even guilty of forgetting at times that JCI Senators are just older Jaycees, yet not necessarily more mature. There was more sitting around talking, playing new card games like Golf, Screw Your Neighbor and a drinking game a bit to complicated for me to follow. I did find some younger Senators, and younger at heart Senators that danced for a couple hours at the Club in the hotel, I felt like I was a Jaycee again especially after going to bed at 4 am this morning. I met a very wise Jaycee this weekend, his name is Rick and you may know him, his dad is the current US Senate President.
He was raised with the Jaycees being such a big part of his families life yet he doesn’t have a local chapter nearby. My son is a few months away from being Jaycee age and my chapter is still alive, but facing challenges. I want him to have the opportunities I’ve had with the Jaycees and in life. This is where the Senate can help, be available when called upon, stay connected to fellow Senators and remember life is full of opportunities.


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