COB Page

Michele Kara Loveria Wallen20130724-095644.jpg

· 2012: LT. John A. Shafer Memorial Award and Senatorship; Senator #71744

2011: Governor General for The New York State Jaycees Governors

· 2008: Membership Services Vice President for the New York State Jaycees.

· 2007: Facility Coordinator for the New York State Jaycees. District Director, Region Central – District One.

· 2006: Chancellor for the region Central-New York State Jaycees Board of Governors.

· 2005: Presidents Governorship #298. Appointed Board Member of the New York State Jaycees as Membership Promotions Program Manager.

· 2004: Membership Services Vice President-Johnson City Jaycees. Program Manager-New York State Jaycees.

· 2003: Chairman of the Board, Johnson City Jaycees.

· 2001-2002: President, Johnson City Jaycees. Worked with members and the community to coordinate events. Raised rank of The Johnson City Jaycees to #12 in the nation (rank based on projects run and chapter development). Awarded Outstanding Chapter President for the year and Outstanding Chapter of the year.

· 1991-Present: Member of the Johnson City Jaycees, the New York State Junior Chamber, the United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International.


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