JCI Senatorship Application
Nominate an outstanding Jaycee or former Jaycee for JCI’s highest honor.  Download the
application form.  This is the 2005 version of the form.

New York State Jaycee Governorship Application
As a convenience for our Jaycee friends (and perhaps Senators who were overlooked) we offer
governorship application form for download.  Nominate a Jaycee or former Jaycee for the
NYS Jaycees’ highest honor.

United States Junior Chamber Ambassadorship Application
Nominate an outstanding Jaycee or former Jaycee for the highest honor of the U.S. Junior
Chamber.  Download the
application form.

U.S. JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Application
High school seniors can apply for college scholarships from our national foundation. Download
application form and follow the directions it contains.

Registration Forms

Return the Favor

Description: PLEASE READ THIS!!

Return The Favor Outstanding Senator Nomination Form for 2010-11. This form is now available only as a PDF form which you can fill in using the free Adobe Reader and store on your computer and then print out or email.

Please note the following:

1.Once you have made changes to this form, make sure to save it using a different file name.
2.*** Starting this year, this form must be signed by a Jaycee chapter or state officer. *** The signature may be entered manually, on a printed form, OR via an electronic signature. The form itself contains a link to a page on Adobe’s website describing how to attach an electronic signature with Adobe Reader. Questions on this should be addressed to Tracy Culler, the RTF Program Manager, or to the Webmaster.
3.This form must be accompanied by one or more completed copies of the RTF 2010-11 Outstanding Senator Activity Form.
4.Submission deadlines (postmark or email) for this form are September 3, 2010; January 3, 2011; and May 25, 2011.


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