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Return the Favor Form

The Return The Favor program began under USJCI Senate President, Larry Sheeler (#16232) in 1987-88 as the “Yes We Can Help” program.  It was developed as an offshoot of US Jaycee President Gary Wilkinson’s “Yes We Can” theme.  Later that same year the program was changed to “Return the Favor.”  The chairman that first year was Mike Harris (#24801) of North Carolina.

From those beginnings, JCI Senators have been recognized for outstanding efforts they have contributed to local Jaycee chapters and State Organizations.  Senators have returned the favor to Jaycees by serving as judges for individual award competitions, providing training for local chapters and at statewide meetings and as a resource for new member recruitment.  Many State Senate Organizations serve their Jaycees by hosting state meetings, providing staff for fundraising activities and serving as a mentor in the planning and presentation of other state Jaycee programs.  All of these activities just scratch the surface of the support that Senators provide as they work to Return The Favor.

The Return The Favor program is designed to recognize individual Senators and State JCI Senate organizations for the impact they provide through assistance at projects, activities, trainings and through mentoring provided to the Jaycees.  Outstanding senators and State JCI Senate organizations will be recognized through the submission of completed nominations at each of the National Board Meetings.  Nomination information is attached. I am also collecting statistical information from those individuals and State organizations that may not be interested in being considered for the awards.  The Activity Log is, also, attached.  This information will be used to compile information on the level of service being provided to the Jaycees and may be used for articles on those who are returning the favor.  If your state has a Return The Favor coordinator, please send me with their contact information.  The deadlines for nominations are: September 1, 2011; January 1, 2012; June 1, 2012.  These are “in hand” deadlines and electronic submissions are encouraged.

If you have any questions about the 2011 – 2012 Return The Favor Program, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanks for all of those who are making an impact by Returning The Favor!

John Robinson, Ed. D. #55768
Return The Favor Program Manager


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