Visit the Zoo

NYS JCI Senators Visit the Binghamton Zoo donna-and-bob zoo bear penguin

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The Living Book tells the story of the history of the New York State Jaycees.

The preliminary copy of the Living Book, which is the brain child on Frank Castellano and Russ Williams, is available on the link below.

The Living Book is a history of the New York State Jaycees.

If you have contributed to the book by providing a list of officers who served during your year as State President and/or by providing your Jaycee biography, summary of your year as President and a personal message let me thank you.  You may want to review the material provided by your colleagues and fine tune your input.

If you just haven’t found the time yet to provide input you have until June 10th to get your input to me.  I will make sure that any updates and/or additions are part of the first printing of the book.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me via email (

Thanks in advance for your participation in this important program.

Darryl S Jones  #26113

 Click this link to view Document


Living Book

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Support the US Jaycees Foundation

US JCI Senate,
> This is a fantastic opportunity for us to GIVE to the Jaycees. All you need to do is visit the website follow the instruction to vote. The US JCI Senate has committed to assist the Jaycees – Challenge to each of you is to take a few minutes and VOTE. Then share this opportunity with a friend, neighbor, fellow employees – BLAST you email list.
> The Jaycees need your help in raising the awareness plus your time to support them in this opportunity.
> More information is located on the Foundation website – what are you waiting on visit
> I just voted again this morning – The Senate has an opportunity to make a super impact on the voting process – an easy way to give to the US Jaycee Foundation
> Voting Period and Rules – might have impact on voting process
> Voting early and often may not work as one would hope – reading the rules may take a moment, but benefit our US Jaycee Foundation.
> Voting Period: Beginning September 6, 2012 and ending September 19, 2012, Chase customers with a Chase online account and Facebook users can vote for their favorite charity (“Eligible Voters”).
> Chase Customers with a Chase online account will receive two (2) votes on Each vote on must be cast for a different Eligible Nominated Charity.
> Facebook users who allow “Access” to the Chase Community Giving application will receive two (2) votes on the Chase Community Giving application on Facebook.
> Each vote must be cast for a different Eligible Nominated Charity. Facebook users will have an opportunity to earn one (1) bonus vote on Facebook, as described below. This bonus vote may be cast for any Eligible Nominated Charity even if the Eligible Voter has already cast a vote for the same charity. Chase Customers who are also Facebook users can vote at and Facebook. If an Eligible Voter who is a Chase customer casts votes on both and Facebook, the Eligible Voter may vote for the same charity twice – once on and once on Facebook. The same Eligible Voter may vote a third time on Facebook if that Eligible Voter earns a Bonus vote as described below. The 196 Eligible Nominated Charities who receive the most valid votes as determined by Chase will receive a grant as described below. The National Program grant recipients will be announced on or about September 20, 2012.
> Thank you,
> Newton Standridge 29407
> US Jaycee Liaison – US JCI Senate

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JCI Amerada 2012

NY brought 13  NY’er to Camp Dearborn to participate in the 56th Annual Amerada.  This included Senators John Tyo, Bill Bates, Dewey Niemi, Kramit Kramer, Dave Stern, and Scott Kingsley.  The move to Michigan was a great decision – we had 21 new attendees that are now in love with Amerada and have committed to come to next years Amerada in Brandtford Canada… If you’ver never been, you have a a year to prepare. It is the 2nd Weekend in September.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had Winners in many competitions incl:
Kramit Kramer: Mens Arm Wrestling
Dave Stern: Pickle Eating
Kramit Kramer and Mark Napierkowski: Men’s Tug of War
Mel Robinson: Pancake Eating
Kramit Kramer: Volley Ball on Canadian Team
Kramit Kramer: Horse Shoes

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Mentors Magazine Article

I have heard from several you about the Mentors Magazine. More specifically about NY not having an article in the past 2 issues. 1st, my bad. 2nd. I now have a calendar that has the deadlines so I can plan ahead. The last article was due June 23rd. My son’s High School Graduation was June 21st and I found out about the article due date too late. Also the reason I wasn’t at the National Convention in Orlando. Communication between National and State Senators needs to improve, as does State Senate and all of you. I have been participating in local events with my home chapter and I hope to hear stories of you helping your chapters. As summer draws to a close I hope to be able to focus on the Senate more and make you proud of our organization.

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State Convention October 12-14 2012

State Convention October 12-14 2012 in Buffalo NY.
Registration form below.

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Return the Favor Opportunities

Some events to Return The Favor

Buffalo event Allentown Arts Festival June 9&10 3 hour shifts for Hotdog Sales
Could use help.

JCI Liverpool relay for life June 15th contact.

JCI Saratoga Springs Family Fun Day July 1st. Contact

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NYS JCI Convention and Senate Meeting

Great meeting of Senators and Elections were held
David Stern was re-elected for a 2nd term as the NYS JCI Senate President, Bob Cairns is our new Region Central NYS JCI Senate Vice President and Darryl Jones was re-elected as our State Treasurer.
Region East will be pursuing a VP from their region but we are still looking for a Region South and Region West VP. Also a Secretary, Angie Price Collins is filling in but she’s just too young based on our bylaws.

Looking for Committee members and Chairpeople for committees.
Andrea Ciravolo and Scott Kingsley have offered to be on the MAI 2014 Committee. We need more people on that committee and also for RTF, Scholarship , and Elections 2013.

Step right up and get involved.

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May 18, 2012 Meeting

Hope to see you at next Friday’s Meeting in Syracuse.

I have added the Financial Report, The Proposed Budget and the Proposed Agenda.

Click to open the reports.

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NYS JCI Senate Meeting May 18

 May 18-20 JCI NYS Convention Registration Form

The New York State Jaycees wants you to Unlease your Inner Hero.

One way is with a t-shirt. These t-shirt are on sale and will be sold at the May Convention. Please help support the Liverpool Jaycees and the New York State Jaycees by buying one.

Prices are $15.00 for Small, Medium, Large, and x Large. You can order xx large for $20.00. Kid sizes are also available. They will be available for pick up at the Doubletree in Syracuse, N.Y. May 18-20.

Here is one of our Jaycee kids wearing her shirt.









Address: __________________________________________________________

 Size:  small   _____ medium _____ Large ____ x Large ____xxLarge  ____ Kid Size  _____

 Amount owed: ________________                          Payment Type:_____________________



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