Scholarship Winners Selected

The NYS JCI Senate wants to thank all the HS Seniors for applying to our annual Scholarship.

We had a great response with many amazing applicants and we had to narrow these down to just 2 finalists

We know all of you will be successful pursuing your goals in college and will make your family proud.

It was a challenging decision and the committee has selected our 2 winners:

Katelinn from Johnson City, NY $150 award and Jeffrey from Suffern, NY $100 Award

Their Applications have been forwarded to the JCI Senate National Scholarship Committee where it will be judged along with other State winners from around the country. (15-20 scholarships are awarded) $1000 Scholarships.

National Winners:

AZ      Meena Venkataramanan              Attending Harvard University
CA      Sophia Kazmierowicz                 Attending Stanford University
CO     Riley Juenemann                        Attending Rice University
CT      Jessica Wiener                            Attending Cornell University
DE      Bridget Barrett                           Attending West Virginia University
DE      Ryan Harrington                         Attending University of Delaware
GA     Michael Brolly                            Attending University of Notre Dame
LA      Alan Malik                                 Attending Loyola University
MA     Anthony Perry                            Attending Cornell University
ME     Abigail Gonneville                       Attending Bowdoin University
MT     Jessica Horan                             Attending Rocky Mountain College
ND     Mary Hintz                                Attending University of Mary
NE      Priya Kukreja                             Attending Stanford University
NJ      Rachel David Schtupak               Attending Samford University
OH     Mary Kathleen (Katie) Fuetter      Attending University of Notre Dame
OK     Amanda Faith Peterson               Attending Oklahoma State University
PA      Timothy James Wheeler              Attending Penn State / Behrend
RI       Jillian Cash                                Attending Providence College
TX      Rem Aitbouchireb                      Attending Bryn Mawr College
TX      Katerina (Katie) Orgunov             Attending Baylor University
Congratulations to each student!

You can check out the website for additional information

Our Website

The Jaycees site is if you want some more information about a great young person’s organization

Dave Stern

NYS JCI Scholarship Chairman



About nysjcisenate

The New York State JCI Senate is an independent organization, with its own constitution and by- laws. Our members are JCI Senators, registered with the World Secretariat, who either received their Senatorship in New York State or who currently reside here in New York after having received their Senatorship in other states or other countries. The New York State JCI Senate is affiliated with the United States JCI Senate, and is also associated with the New York State Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International. The purposes of the New York State JCI Senate are twofold. Foremost, we seek to build and promote fellowship among our Senators through our publications, meetings, and social activities. Second, but just as important to us, is to promote the Junior Chamber program. We do this by offering our assistance and the knowledge and experience of our members to the Junior Chamber organization. The New York State JCI Senate stands ready to help the New York State Junior Chamber and any local chapter, district, region, or state officer. This assistance is always available for the asking. We are recognized by the United States State Department as official Goodwill Ambassadors around the world. The JCI Senatorship A JCI Senatorship is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a current or past member by Junior Chamber International for outstanding service to the organization. It provides a unique means for recognizing a member’s outstanding achievements, and also confers upon that individual a "Life Membership" in Junior Chamber International, although this status does not exempt a member from paying regular membership dues. A JCI Senatorship may be given to any local Junior Chamber member in appreciation of services rendered at any level of the organization, and is subject to the approval of the local, state, and national Presidents. Current local members must have a minimum of five years of membership before they may be nominated for a JCI Senatorship. The JCI Senatorship Enrollment Process An application for a JCI Senatorship can be obtained from your local Junior Chamber President, the New York State JCI Senate President, or Junior Chamber International. The application forms must be completed, approved, and signed by the local Junior Chamber President, then forwarded to the New York State Junior Chamber President and United States Junior Chamber President for their signatures, before it can then be submitted to Junior Chamber International along with full payment of the application fee. It is important to allow sufficient time (6 to 8 weeks) for the application to be repeatedly mailed and processed, especially if it is desired to present the Senatorship at a particular place and time. The application is not approved until it is submitted in the prescribed form, bearing all the necessary signatures, and a full Senate membership payment is received. After the application is approved, the individual is assigned a number and his or her name is entered in the Roll of Senators. The new Senator receives a membership certificate, a membership card, and a Senator's pin. These materials will be shipped to any location given on the application form if the presentation is to be a surprise, which it should be. Presenting the JCI Senatorship The awarding of a JCI Senatorship is an honor that can be bestowed upon a member only once in a lifetime. The actual presentation should be conducted with appropriate dignity, and preferably at a formal ceremony, such as an awards banquet. The presentation should be made by a JCI Senator, not by a member who is not a JCI Senator. If there is no JCI Senator available from the local chapter, contact the New York State JCI Senate for assistance with the presentation. Local chapter members may assist in the presentation. You should have the JCI Senatorship certificate, membership card, and lapel pin on hand. It is strongly recommended to enclose the certificate in a suitable frame ahead of time. Other Notes If the presentation is to be made at a New York State Junior Chamber state conference, let the New York State Junior Chamber President know well in advance so that an appropriate time and place can be arranged at the conference for the ceremony to occur. The presentation ceremony and receipt of the JCI Senatorship should be a surprise to the individual and a time that he or she can cherish and remember. Invite family and friends to attend, and encourage one or more fellow members to offer testimonials for the honoree with increasing levels of detail before announcing the name. Then, ask the JCI Senators in the room to rise, and welcome the newest JCI Senator. The New York State JCI Senate
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